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This restaurant lies just across the via Gregorio VII from the Vatican, almost cradled in the shadow of the large modern church of SanGregorio VII. The Osteria is the italian equivalent of the english “hostellery”, where traditionally one could enjoy a glass of wine and a snack. Now these Osterie are fully fledged restaurants serving a wide range of dishes.

This particular Osteria specializes in homemade pasta, meat on the spit, and Roman cuisine. This spot had been going for many years, and was always enjoyed a good reputation, but it badly needed renovation. When the new owner, Lorenzo Mariani, took it over some two years back, he cleaned it up completely and did thorough restoration work, so that the place is now like new. I was immediately struck by the brightness of the interior which was like a great cavern cut out of rock. It is a family run outfit, in which husband and wife were both waiting at table and at least one child was in view. A typical meal consist of the homemade “fettuccine” with tomato and basil sauce, as a first course. Next, one could select veal escalope cooked in Marsala sauce accompanied with a side salad. Or else one could choose Parma ham and caciotta cheese, with a side plate of tasty onions cooked in a coating of breadcrumbs. To conclude an excellent chocolate pudding would be in order. Along with a liter of sparking Ferrarelle mineral water and a liter carafe of the fine white house wine as well as a Montenegro liqueur to round off the very pleasant dinner with friendly and helpful service, the bill for two could come to 70.000 Lire (about 38 US$).